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Water Utility Climate Alliance


The Water Utility Climate Alliance recognizes that without applicable data from climate change research, truly effective water resource planning will be extremely challenging in the future.

WUCA aims to enhance the quality and accessibility of regional climate change data to help reduce uncertainty and improve water resource planning, promote the development of adaptation strategies, assist overall decision-making efforts and support the development of water-related policies.

The following publications support this objective.

Water Utility Climate Alliance publications

The following publications seek to advance understanding of how the relatively new enterprise of climate change assessment and adaptation is developing. They also provide feedback from the front lines of climate change planning to guide future investment in this rapidly growing field of inquiry.

Select publications produced in collaboration with WUCA or including contributions from WUCA members

Central Arizona Project

Denver Water

Metropolitan Water District of Southern California

New York Department of Environmental Protection

San Diego County Water Authority

Seattle Public Utilities

Southern Nevada Water Authority

Tampa Bay Water