Cheesman DamCheesman Dam, completed in 1905, was the first reservoir of
Denver's mountain storage facilities.


Water utilities throughout the United States are responsible for ensuring that reliable water resources are available for urban populations, human consumption, power generation, ecosystems and industrial and agricultural uses. However, without applicable data from climate change research, truly effective water resource planning will be extremely challenging in the future.

Enhancing the quality and accessibility of regional climate change data will help reduce uncertainty and improve water resource planning, promote the development of adaptation strategies, assist overall decision-making efforts and support the development of water-related policies.

The Water Utility Climate Alliance (WUCA) is developing partnerships with the climate science community, continuing to provide feedback on climate change research and data and encouraging additional climate change research on a regional and sub-regional basis through projects like Piloting Utility Modeling Applications.

WUCA also is coordinating with EPA’s Climate Ready Water Utilities (CRWU) Initiative to present a webinar series on water utility adaptation planning and decision-making. This webinar, beginning Fall 2013 and extending through Spring 2014, will include presentations by utility representatives on Scenario Planning, Robust Planning and Threshold Analysis. More information on this webinar series is available on the CRWU website.